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Our samples can help you make design decisions with clarity and confidence.

Here's everything you need to know:

  • Choose Samples

    Choose up to four samples with the colors and sizes you want to examine up close and show your customers. We'll deliver your order free of charge (shipping fees may apply for certain sizes).

  • Try samples

    You can use our countertop samples to create a mood board and assess lighting conditions and material pairings. Whatever helps you and your customers make vital decisions that bring your ideas to life.

  • Create Specifications for Your Project

    After reviewing our samples and finalizing your countertop of choice, you can move forward and create a comprehensive specification document that ensures your project's flawless execution.

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Our quartz and porcelain countertop samples are all free. Shipping fees apply only to our largest samples.


Size Shipping Fee
2"X2" FREE
2"X7" FREE
4"X4" $30

For any other sample size request, please contact us


Size Shipping Fee
1.5"X3.5" FREE
5"X3.5" FREE
4"X8" $30

For any other sample size request, please contact us

For any other sample size request, please contact us

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Typical delivery times are 1-3 days after your order is placed and 4-5 days if you are in Hawaii or Alaska.

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Refunds for lost packages, missing material, or incorrect material sent can be issued. Refunds will not be given for issues with the size and variation of the material. Please email [email protected] with any refund requests.

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