Designer:  Hila Gidoni | Photographer: Maya Avgar

With the help of three different Caesarstone surfaces, interior designers Tzion and Hila Gidoni were able to breathe new life into three distinct kitchens, giving each space its very own aesthetic style.

Interior designers and married couple Hila and Tzion Gidoni recently completed the design of three distinct private residential houses. Located in Israel’s countryside regions, the houses are very different from one another in structure, style and ambiance. Zion and Hila worked closely with each family to overcome specific challenges and bring out the best in each individual space. The result were three amazing houses with three spectacular kitchens. Let’s take a closer look.

The third and final kitchen covered in this article is yet another masterwork from Tzion and Hila Gidoni. It belongs to a 60-year-old house in Moshav Maor, owned by a family who wanted to usher in a new era via a complete renovation.

The family requested a design that would be beautiful yet humble – with zero show-off. The kitchen was given special attention, as it is situated in the center of the house and is where the family and their guests usually gather. The family loves spending time in the kitchen, cooking and hosting neighbors, friends and relatives who stop by on a regular basis. Therefore, Hila and Tzion designed a prominent island, complete with stovetop that allows family members to cook while facing the seated guests and observing the living room.

412 Beige Ciment 


A creamy-beige backdrop that balances the textural presence of weathered stones, building up the surfaces in tender layers to create a natural and neutral-toned warm concrete, in Ultra Rough finish.

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The kitchen features unique flooring flown in from Spain, with rectangular tiles instead of the usual square shaped tiles. The tiles were sand colored, with hints of mocha and beige. Once the flooring was selected, it became obvious that the surfaces for the kitchen’s worktop and island must correspond perfectly. Therefore, nothing fit better than Caesarstone’s 412  Beige Ciment porcelain surface, which has a creamy beige backdrop and a deep textural presence. But Beige Ciment isn’t only beautiful; it was also chosen for its proven durability and stain resistance.

The kitchens depicted in this article each have a distinct personality, based on the families who use them, the house they’re in, their overall surroundings and the unique ways in which the designers choose to realize their potential. In this respect, Caesarstone quartz and porcelain surfaces play a key role in bringing kitchen design to life.

“Depending on the project, kitchen worktop surfaces can either be the center of attention, or create a subtle a balance between design elements. Caesarstone’s color variety allows designers such as myself to pick out just the right surface for every kitchen. There’s always a perfect solution.”

Hila Gidoni, Owner, Hila – Design Your Living