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Cozy Ramat Gan Home


Designer: Daniella Danor | Photographer: Yonatan Tamir

Interior designer Daniella Danor designed a cozy family residence, focusing on warm and simplicity as leading aesthetic values. Three vastly different Caesarstone surfaces helped bring an ambitious design vision to fruition.

In the spring of 2023, interior designer Daniella Danor received a call from a family from Ramat Gan. The family, who had commissioned Daniella to design their current urban-style apartment several years ago, had enjoyed their mutual work process and was now eager to collaborate with her again on their newly purchased property – a duplex house with garden in one of Ramat Gan’s quieter neighborhoods. When they last worked together with Daniella, they were a young couple with one child; but now the family was larger and they desired a home that radiates relaxed neutral colors, with zero focus on passing trends.


9141 Ice Snow


A crisp white canvas, subtly accentuated with small sparks of neutral-colored mineral chips.

Your project, on center stage.

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Daniella began the design process with an empty canvas of a house. They only thing that remained from the previous owners was the neutral-colored flooring. One of the first things that Daniella did was choose neutral colors for the various rooms in the house. Every room received its very own relaxing color, giving each space a unique character.

No less than three Caesarstone surfaces were chosen for the family’s new home. Each surface was carefully selected, in accordance with the rooms’ specific design schemes. The kitchen island and worktop feature Caesarstone’s 501 Snowdrift Porcelain surface. Boasting a matte finish, this surface radiates timeless beauty and features a memorable texture. Known for its calm whiteness and gentle veins, 501 Snowdrift creates classic harmony with the kitchen space. By choosing Caesarstone Porcelain, the family is getting a highly durable surface that is resistant to heat and scratches.

For the bathroom, Daniella chose a beloved quartz surface that she had used in many of her past projects – 1141 Pure White. As its name suggests, this surface has a pure white quality that fits perfectly with white bathroom sinks, creating an aura of immaculate cleanliness.

The laundry room functions as a small kitchenette and includes an integral sink and coffee-colored cabinetry. Daniella wanted to give this room a warm soft aesthetic, and therefore choose Caesarstone’s 9141 Ice Snow Quartz surface. This surface, which has a soft brightness and mineral piece shapes, holds a water bar, plants, and additional items.

Once the renovation was completed, the family moved into their new home. For Daniella, there is no better feeling than knowing that all family members are happy with the design, the materials and the expert craftsmanship. Caesarstone is happy to play its part in creating a new home that feels cozy and inviting.

“As someone who values precision and quality, I feel connected to Caesarstone’s surfaces. They speak my language. The surfaces we selected fit perfectly into this wonderful family home. Thanks to Caesarstone, we were able to create magic.”

Daniella Danor, Interior Designer

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