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Airy Concrete Industrial kitchen, St Albans


Working with an abundance of interior space and exceptional outdoor views, Audus Kitchens crafted a modern kitchen that is both sophisticated and elegant. Read how these expert designers realized their vision and how Caesarstone Airy Concrete proved to be a natural choice for the kitchen’s worktops and large central island.

Designer: Audus Kitchens

Audus Kitchens was tasked with the goal of transforming a large kitchen space into a modern kitchen that is highly multi-functional. The result was a kitchen that offers a perfect balance between ample space, beautiful garden views and modern minimalism. Occupying the center of the kitchen is a large island with a Caesarstone Airy Concrete surface, which corresponds with matching Airy Concrete worktops.

Audus sought out to achieve a highly original modern look for this kitchen. Using Nobilia cabinetry and Touch units with an Alpine White finish, the design team created an elegant contrast with the Stone Grey island. To finalize the contemporary design, Caesarstone 4044 Airy Concrete quartz worktops were selected and deployed in ‘waterfall’ fashion on one end of the island.

An integral part of Caesarstone’s Metropolitan Collection, Airy Concrete offers a light grey tone and a very modern rough concrete finish. The surface radiates minimalism, while also offering a highly appealing textural depth. It’s no wonder Audus Kitchens and the client selected Airy Concrete for the kitchen’s worktops, as well.

Every kitchen is a sum of its elements, but some kitchens – especially this one – equal more. This contemporary kitchen is an elegant blend of white and grey tones, which blend perfectly with the outdoor garden views. Audus Kitchens were able to form a space that is a joy to look at and an even greater joy to cook, eat and socialize in.

“We chose the Airy Concrete from Caesarstone primarily for the natural look. It fitted perfectly with the rest of the interior design creating a very modern style.”

John Lindsey, Director, Audus Kitchens

The Project’s Shining Star

4044_Airy Concrete

4044 Airy Concrete


An airy feel to real concrete in full movement, swirling with clouds of darker hues and white flashes, over a deeply textured surface that is refined for the home.

Your project, on center stage.

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